Nikos Koulakiotis was born in Thessaloniki in 1972. He studied graphic arts and byzantine painting. He taught from 1998 to 2006 in the cultural I.E.K.(Professional Training Institute) of Thessaloniki. He worked for National Theater of Northern Greece during many performances in the scenographic department. He is a member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE), of International Union of Mail-Artists(IUOMA) and of Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece (SKETBE). His paintings can be found in Greece as well as abroad.

ΚΟΥΛΑΚΙΩΤΗΣPersonal Exhibitions
•2002: Gallery «Dimiourgia»

•2004: «Militos»

•2008: Old Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

•2010: Old Edessas’ Girls’ School

•2012: Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki

Group Exhibitions
•2001: Photography Center of Thessaloniki

•2002: Milos

•2010: Alatza Imaret

•2010: International Exhibition Mail Art – Thessaloniki

•2011: Gallery Epsilon

•2011: Miniature Exhibition Gallery Vlassis Art [SKETBE]

•2011: Gallery Romanou 7

•2012: Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest

•2013: Big White Gallery, Mykonos

•2014: Museum of Fine Arts, Heraclion

•2014: Santorini Biennale ‘PEACE MECHANISMS’, Santorini


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