Eleni Zouni lives in Athens.

1973-76 Studies at Vakalo Art and Design College

1978-83 Fine Art School of Athens, Painting, Mosaic

1984-94 Lived in Barcelona, Amsterdam

1995-10 Teaching at Painting and Design Schools of Art

Individual Exhibitions
1989 Vincent Bernat Gallery, Barcelona, Curator: Pavlos Kremos

1990 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens, Curator: Efi Strousa (catalogue)

1995 Medusa+1 Art Gallery, Athens, Curator: Efi Strousa (catalogue)

1998 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens, Curator: Efi Strousa (catalogue)

1999 Olga Georgantea Art Gallery, Athens

2001 Diana Gallery Down Town, Curator: Lena Kokkini (catalogue)

2004 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens, Curator: Efi Strousa (catalogue)

Main Group Exhibitions
1983 Exhibition of Graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens Conservatory

1986 Panhellenic Art Exhibition – Piraeus (catalogue)

1987 “9 painters exhibit”, Athens Municipal Arts Centre (catalogue)

1988 Evmaros Art Space, Athens

1990 Vandijk Gallery, the Hague

1992 Salon de Refuses, Utrecht (catalogue)

1994 Greek Artists, Quests 1950 – 2000 Rethymnon Centre of Contemporary Artistic Creation Curator: Maria Marangou (catalogue)

1995 Kunstepidemin Gallery, Goteborg

1995 Kunstmanifestation, Hardenmperg, (catalogue)

1995 Χ Art Space, “The customers”, Athens, Curator: Emily Tsingou (catalogue)

1996 Museum of History, “Time”, Athens

1996 “Asteras”, Naoussa – Paros, Curator: Medusa Art Gallery

1996 International Triennial of Painting, Sofia, (catalogue)

1997 42e Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge—Athenes, Tribute to Greek artists 1960-1990, Curators: Sania Pappa, Nicole Ginoux (catalogue)

1998  Aeschylia “98, “We are elsewhere, we are going elsewhere”, Installation, Elefsina,Curator: Lena Kokkini (Catalogue)

1999 ‘Dream Trip Art’ action group, Installation, Fournos Theatre, Athens, Curator: Michalis Pekridis

1999 “Byzantine Dinner”, Organised by the Dutch Institute of Athens, Curator: Hans Hendrix (catalogue)

1999 Graduates & former students of the Vakalo School, Curator: Yannis Papaioannou (cata-logue)

2000 “Expanding the Possibilities”, Hewlett Packard, Gazi, Athens, Curator: Olga Georgantea (catalogue)

2001 3rd International Biennial, Sharjah – United Arab Emirates, (catalogue)

2001 “Work – Matter, Matter – Work”, Vafopoulion Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki, Curator: Dorothea Konteletzidou (catalogue)

2001 “In search of the Olympic Idea”, Athens Municipal Gallery, Curator Nelli Kyriazi (catalogue)

2002 1st Balkan Exhibition of Contemporary Micrographic art & Miniatures,Curators: S. Panayo-takis, Lina Tsikouta, Thessaloniki (catalogue)

2004 Bird Invest – The Nestinboxproject, Burgloon, Belgium (catalogue)

2004 The art of artist’s statement, Hellenic Museum, Chicago. Curator Georgia Kotretsos (cata-logue)

2006 Sculpture Symposium, Art School, Spyroudis Park, Ag. Paraskevi

2006 Time-based Art. Video installation. Spyroudis Park, Athens. Curator Anna Hatzigiannaki
Main publications – presentations
1987 Τ.V.3 Channel, Spain, Capitals of the world, contemporary art in Athens

1991 Eleftherotypia newspaper, Maria Marangou

1995 Ε.Τ.1 TV channel, “Syneikones”

1995 Ε.Ρ.Α.1 radio station, Lina Papaioannou

1995 Eleftherotypia newspaper, Maria Marangou

1995 Diavazo magazine

1997 Dictionary of Greek Artists, entry by Efi Strousa

1997 Ependytis newspaper, Vivi Vassilopoulou

1997 Eleftherotypia newspaper, Maria Marangou

1997 Eleftherotypia newspaper, “Ε” magazine, Michalis Pekridis

1997 Gyneka magazine, Olga Bati

1999 Eleftherotypia newspaper, Michalis Pekridis

2004 “Ε” Eleftherotypia, E. Grigoriadi, “Gyneka magazine” O. Bati

2004 “Eleftherotypia”, M. Marangou

2004 “Ependytis” V. Vassilopoulou

2010 Edition of the book “Where does Painting Begin, Where does Writing Begin?”


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