Pouliassi Irene

Born in Athens, 1989. Lives and works in London.
Irene Pouliassi is multidisciplinary artist concerned with the subjectivity of aggression towards traumatic experiences and modern dystopias. Her works ranging from painting, and sculpture to video and installation and through a sarcastic attitude and a compulsive ‘revolutionarism’’ her oeuvres are engaging with subjects of aggression after loss, the expendable human identity and the symbols of power and intellectual castration. Originally from Corfu, Pouliassi has a Bachelor and Master integrated in painting from the University of Western Macedonia and in 2018 she graduated from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London with a Master in Fine Arts. She has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide including Tate Modern, Tate Exchange (London, UK, 2018), CHARLIE SMITH LONDON, Young Gods (London,UK,2018) and Sejong Museum of Art (Seoul, South Korea,2017).

Notable Exhibitions
2019 Ritalin Shots,  Peritechnon Karteris gallery, Athens Greece
2019 Art basel Miami with DAC gallery, Miami, USA
2019 Les Voyageurs, Nout Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2018 Rituals & Identity, Ann Street Gallery, New York, USA
2018 Prosalendi’s Britannia, Corfu Heritage Foundation, Corfu Greece
2018 Tate Modern. Tate Exchange. Art works of the Future, London, UK.
2017, Sarkothymia solo show, Balkan art Gallery
2017 GIAF, Sejong museum of art, Seoul, South Korea.
2017 Abstract Mind, CICA Museum, Incheon,South Korea
2017 Bodies under surveillance, Bust gallery, Richmond, USA
2017 Stimulus, Greenhouse Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017 2nd Tirana International Biennial, National Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania.
2016 Osteotopia,solo presentation Florina’s national army Barracks, Florina, Greece.
2016 ABIO, Beton 7 Gallery, Athens, Greece.
Website: www.pouliassi.com     Instagram: irenepouliassi

Last modified: 31/10/2019