Athena Latinopoulou was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She began painting at a young age.

She studied painting and decoration in Thessaloniki and ceramics and sculpture in Athens.

She is a member of the Chamber of Visual Arts of Athens.

So Far, her works have been presented in 19 single exhibitions and 61 group exhibitions.

Her works can be found in private collections and museums both in Greece and abroad.

She has written a book – narration titled  “The ribbons of my own reality”.

Her works have been the subject of theoretical and journalistic articles.

single exhibitions (selection from 19)

2014    «Light»  Art Gallery » 7 » Athens

2012     Art Gallery “Metamorfosis” Thessaloniki

2010    “Cracks” Art Gallery “Theorema” Brussels – Belgium

2010    “Cracks” Art Gallery “ 7 “ Athens

2009     «Balls & Knits» Art Gallery “Metamorfosis” Thessaloniki

2007    “Balls & Knits” Art Gallery “ 7 “ Athens

2002    “Conversion with the tame” Art Gallery “Anemos” Kifisia

1996      Museum “Gounaropoulou” Zografou – Athens

1995    “Remains” Art Center of Marathon

1994    “Remains” “Astrolavos” Art Gallery Athens

1989    “Trace” Art Gallery “Zigos” Athens

1985    “Opposition” Art Gallery “Exostis” Thessaloniki

1984    “Hallucination” Art Gallery “Zigos” Athens

1982    “Pebbles” Art Gallery “Zigos” Athens


Group exhibitions (selection from 61)

2014   International exhibition from Art Galleries “ART ATHENA”

2011   “Thalassodromio” (Eurobank) Art Gallery “Metamorfosis” Thes/niki

2010   “Parcours d artistes” Brussels – Belgium

2010    International exhibition from Art Gallerys “ART ATHENA”

2007    State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki

2006    Art exhibition “Kanza”

2005    Exhibition in April “Astrolavos” Athens

2005    “Museum Vorre”

2002    Summer  “Skufa” Art Gallery

2001    “Gazi” Athens

1999     Art Gallery “Astrolavos”

1997     Thessaloniki civilizing capital of Europe,  “Contemporary Greek Sculpture”

1996    “Contemporary Greek Painting” Peuki”

1988     Art Gallery “Astrolavos” Athens

1987    “Whole Greek nation”  Piraeus

1986     Art Gallery “Kreonidis” Athens

1985     USA Collection “Museum Vorre”

1983     College of Athens “Collection Museum Vorre”






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