Evangelos Kouzounis was born in Athens in 1944. His father Konstantine was also a painter from the island KOUTALI in the Propontis. His mother Maria was from SIVRISAR in Smyrna.

Solo Exhibitions
 * 2004 Paintings, Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens, Greece.

* 1998 Paintings and Drawings «The Kisses», EP-ES Gallery, Elounda, Crete, Greece.

* 1997 Paintings and Drawings «The Kisses», Zakynthos Art Gallery, Zakynthos, Greece.

* 1994 Paintings and Drawings «24 Tzavella Street», Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece.

* 1988 Paintings and Drawings, Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece.

* 1986 Paintings and Drawings «Small Retrospective», Prisma Gallery, Rhodes, Greece.

* 1986 Paintings and Drawings «Polila Street», Agathi Bookshop (Mithimnis St), Athens, Greece.

* 1984 Paintings «The Kisses», Epoches Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.

* 1984 Paintings and Drawings «Sporadon Street», Art Gallery of Athens, Athens, Greece.

* 1977 Paintings and Drawings, Gazette Bookshop (Solonos St), Athens, Greece.

* 1976 Paintings and Drawings, Art Gallery of Athens, Athens, Greece.

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