Yiorgos – Panayiotis Kavounis
Born in Athens, Greece, in 1979. He attended the Athens School of Fine Arts from 2001 until 2007, when he graduated with honors. In 2005, he attended the Fine Arts department of the university of Valencia (Spain) for six months.

2011    Praise | 2nd arts contest organized by the “Konstantinos Andreou Public

Welfare Institution” themed “Woman” (Athens)

2007    Praise | “Belle Arte Lamia 2007” (Lamia)

Personal exhibitions
2011   “In absence of the others”, K-Art Gallery (Athens)

Group exhibitions (Selection)
2018   “Greyscale”, Ikastikos Kiklos DL Gallery (Athens)

2018   “The emotion as a myth”, Alma Gallery (Athens)

2017    Art-Athina | International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

Kaplanon Galleries (Athens)

2016    Art-Thessaloniki | International Contemporary Art Fair

Kaplanon Galleries

2016    Avra Art Gallery (New Jersey, U.S.A.)

2016    Art-Athina | International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

Kaplanon Galleries (Athens)

2015    Art-Athina | International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

Kaplanon Galleries (Athens)

2014   “Report to Dominikos Theotokopoulos”, Ena Gallery

Kaplanon Galleries (Athens)

2014    Art-Athina | International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

Simulacrum: Inside Stories Platform (Athens)

2014   “Magic & Disenchantment”, Kennedy Gallery – Hellenic American

Union (Athens)

2013    ReMap 4 | International contemporary art platform

“Dialogue” (Athens)

2013   “Wisdom within my world”, Art S.A. Gallery (Kea)

2010   “Phantasmagoria”, K-Art Gallery (Athens)

2010   “Departures”, George Best Costacos Foundation,

Athinais Cultural Center (Athens)

2009   “The Human Form in Art”, panhellenic exhibition of the members of the

Chamber of Art of Greece (Technopolis, Athens)

2009   “Images of a broken mirror”, K-Art Gallery (Athens)

2009   “K.L.P.”, Kappatos Gallery (Athens)



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