Katsoulas Aristomenis

Aristomenis Katsoulas was born in 1955 in Pyrgos Trifilias in Messina, Greece, where he resided until 1968. From there he moved to Athens. In 1972 he registered for the Art School E. BAKALO and in 1976 successfully completed his studies. During the same year he went to Perugia, Italy and began his studies at the Art Academy (ACADEMY OF BELLE ARTE PIETRO VANUCCI) with the subjects of painting, engraving and photography. He also attended courses in the subject of sculpture for 2 years. Since 1979, he has painted and exhibited his work both in Greece and abroad. He has painted the album covers and CDs of Greek artists and has illustrated several books of poetry. From 1986 until his retirement he served as a teacher in Secondary Education. His works are in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.


Last modified: 07/10/2016