Born in 1957 in Greece.
Lived and studied in the U.S. and Italy. Presently living in Greece painting, teaching art lessons, doing some graphic design work and developing educational art programs for children.She has participated in more than 80 group shows.Her work has been featured in several literary magazines and other publications.
The human figure and colour have been my main interests throughout my work. Inspiration can come from anywhere and ideas brew internally and usually surface unexpectedly. The work of Cezanne, Matisse and American expressionism have influenced me from early on.

1973-1975 Studies in Eugene Tonoff’s studio,Providence, R.I. 52312-10638754-7
1978-1979, Honors Program of R.I.SD., Rome-Italy.
1979 BFA Rhodes Island School of Design, U.S.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1985 Diagonios Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
1989 The River Aliakmon, Diagonios Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
1997 Anny Balta Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
2000 Anny Balta Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
2003 Dining, The Ianos Art Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
2006 Awakenings, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
2007 Mirrors, 3rd Story Telling Festival of mount Olympus, Kallipefki, Greece
2008 Ianos art gallery ,Thessaloniki
2010 Vafopouleio Cultural Center,Thessaloniki
2012 Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki

Selected Group Exhibition
1979 Art Show, Pallazo Cenci, Rome, Italy
1980-1989 Group Shows in Diagonios Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
1999 Myth, A Line Hanging In Time, Exostis Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece
2001 Minature Art, Vafopoulio Art Center, Thessalonica, Greece
2002-2004 Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body, International Peripheral Exhibition of Plastic Arts
2003 Woman, a subject of inspiration and as creator, Casa Bianca, Thessalonica, Greece
2006 Memories of D, Byzantine Museum of Veria
2006 The Collection, Viannou Pinacotek, Crete
2006 66 Women Create in Thessalonica, Casa Bianca, Thessalonica, Greece
2006 Myrofores, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
2007 Heterotopias 1st Biennale of Contemporary Art organized by the Contemporary Museum of Thessalonica
2007 Light, 42nd Dimitria in Thessaloniki, Greece
2009 Personally Political-Contemporary Sensation,Art house Tacheles,Berlin


































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