Works and lives in Athens.

He is Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at the School of Architecture (N.T.U.A.).

Education: Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Graphic design at Vakalo, School for Applied Arts, in Athens.
Post-graduate studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.)

SOLO / GROUP SHOWS (selection)
2013 «The Symptom 04 \ , Amfissa.

2013 «RE > FRESH», the ArtWall, Fresh Hotel, Athens.

2013 «Material as narrative», CAMP, Athens.

2013 «By-products», Technopolis, Athens.

2012 «Non-profit line – Giorgos Gyparakis-Cosmografies», Strasbourg, France.

2012 «The Symptom 03 \ to the limits of togetherness», Amfissa.

2012 »Coney Island», Ersi gallery, Athens-Aegina.

2012 »Non-profit line – Giorgos Gyparakis». Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymnon.

2012 »The distant relative of a blind man», ABOUT, Athens.

2012 «Tracing trace», Fizz gallery, Athens.

2012 »Things», TAF/the art foundation, Athens.

2012 »Logotherapy», Dezaar, Athens.

2012 »Non-profit line» (solo), zina athanassiadou, Thessaloniki.

2011 «C.I.M.O.L.I.A.», Festival of Ephemeral art, Athens.

2011 «Greek-Art», SEM-ART gallery, Monaco.

2010 »Open spaces», public art exhibition, Aegina island.

2010 «Taseis fygis», Kourd gallery, Athens.

2010 «Time. People. Their stories», Benaki Museum, Athens.

2010 »Artists support curators», Exhibition to benefit AICA (HELLAS)», Kappatos gallery, Athens.

2010 «Belle vue», Ileana Tounta, Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

2009 «Design 2009», Spiti tis Kyprou, Athens.

2009 »Expanded Ecologies. Perspectives in a time of emergency», EMST, Athens.

2008 «Everyday utilitarian artifact», ZEON, Athens

2008 «WO [+] MAN=? «Definition of the sexes : New roles -New rights?» 6th Festival for Human rights, Athens.

2008 «Games Without Frontiers», Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens.

2008 «Athensville», Art Athina 08, Athens.

2008 «Digital Romance», Vilka ARTFORUM, Thes/ki.

2008 »The island», Cultural Centre COSMO-POLITISMOS, Athens.

2008 »Every month», EMST, Athens.

2008 «The aesthetic activation of cheapness materials», Fizz gallery, Athens.

2008 »Art+Nature», Environment, Action 08, Villa Kazouli, Athens.

2007 ‘Τopos-Eggonopoulos», Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.

2007 «Art Athina + RADAR «7 – Musical performance, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens.

2007 «Musical performance Stagonophono+Voukino», Performance Festival, BIOS, Athens.

2007 «RADAR 8», Musical performance, Volos.

2007 «Karaoke poetry bar», 1st Biennale of Athens.

2007 «PLACES. An exhibition, an approach, a museum, a history «, Benaki Museum, Athens.

2007 «Artistic Innovation-Semiotics of its Terms in the New Era», State Museum of Contemporary art, Thes/ki.

2006 »Τattoo My art»,, Athens.

2006 »Lacoste Project 12.12», Benaki Museum, Athens.

2006 »Arrivals–Greece», Cultural Centre Vangjush Mio, Koritsa, Albania.

2006 »Αn outing», Beltsios collection, Mylos Matsopoulou, Trikala.

2006 »Τhe scarecrow», Μuseum E. Averof, Metsovo.

2006 »Stagonophono» Musical performance, BIOS, Athens.

2006 «Made in China» (solo), Zina Athanassiadi Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2006 «What remains is future», Old Arsakion School, Patra (Patra Cultural Capital of Europe).

2005 «RADAR 6 – Visions», Kappatos Gallery, Hotel Athens Imperial, Athens.

2005 «Fata Morgana», Photographiki Syngyria, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary art, Thes/ki.

2005 «RADAR 6 – Visions», Kappatos Gallery, Hotel Macedonia Palace, Thessaloniki.

2005 »Girokomio», Historical Museum of Hydra, Hydra island.

2004 »Athens by art», Monastiraki, Athens.

2004 «Eleas egkomion», Academy of Athens, Athens.

2004 «Zitimata taftotitas», Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.

2004 »Diadromes psyhis», Aigli Zappeio, Athens.

2004 «Y-Y» (solo), gallery, Athens.

2003 «Today Tomorrow and Yesterday», E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo.

2003 «Sculpture you love», LAB Art Projects, Athens.

2003 »New Acquisitions», National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens.

2003 »Ikade», Centre for Contemporary Art, Rethymnon.

2003 «Suburban Takes», FOURNOS Center for Art and New Technologies, Athens.

2003 »Today Tomorrow and Yesterday», Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.

2003 »Today Tomorrow and Yesterday», Gazi Athens.

2003 «RADAR 5, almost like radar», LAB Art Projects, Athens.

2003 «Lies and truths» Medussa Art gallery, Athens.

2002 »Terra Incognita», Diana Gallery, Athens.

2001 «Ancient Drama Festiva»l, Meride, Spain.

2001 «MIART», Milan, Italy.

2001 «Purple Gaia», Fyrogia Monastery, Sifnos Island.

2001 »I don’t believe in your eyes», Stage design and script, Theater of Neos Kosmos, Athens.

2000 Stage design and costumes, »Caligula» of Alber Kamy, Theater of Neos Kosmos, Athens.

2000 «MAGIC SOFTWARE», Gazi, Athens – Mylos, Thessaloniki.

2000 »Rubber slipper» (solo), Zina Athanassiadi Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

1999 «Three Generations of Greek Artists», National Art Gallery, Athens.

1999 «Rubber slipper» (solo), Medoussa Art Gallery, Athens.

1998 «Three Generations of Greek Artists», Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, Israel.

1998 «Center for Contemporary Art», Rethymnon.

1998 «Non Stop Art», Hilton, Athens.

1997 «RADAR 3», Old Soap Factory, Elefsina.

1997 «RADAR 4», Z-oo bar, Athens.

1996 «ELYTRON», Basilika of St. Francis, Rethymnon.

1996 «Visual Poetry Thema Gallery», Athens.

1996 «Art Athina», Athens Art Fair.

1995 «RADAR 2», Mylos, Thessalonika.

1995 «ELYTRON», XLVI Venice Biennale, Venice.

1995 «Elytron», Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki.

1995 «Sculpture Triennale», Osaka Japan.

1994 «RADAR», Founded the radar group, in collaboration with Kostas Ioannidis and Alexandros Psychoulis.

1994 «RADAR 1», Loulaki Gallery, Hydra.

1994 «I have news for you…» (solo), Medoussa+1 Art Gallery, Athens.

1993 «Research Centre for the Arts and Sciences (KETE)».

1990 «5th Biennale for Young Artists», Creative Jewellery, Marseilles.

1989 «Photography Exhibition», French Institute, Thessaloniki.

1989 «Art Symposium», Minos Beach, Crete

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