Gerodimos Vasilis

Vasilis Gerodimos (Arta, 1977) graduated With Honours from the Fine Arts School Of Pa-normos Tinos (2002-2005). He was introduced “With Distinction” at the Athens School of Fine Arts (Lappa’s workshop, 2005-2010). He participated in European Programs, among others in Glasgow, Scotland, at the Landscape Architect «Solway Heritage» – Land Art with Jim Buchanan-Andy Goldswothy (2005) and in Majorca, Spain at Consell de Mallorca (2004). Since 2016, he is a member of The majority of his work consists mainly of lar-ge-scale sculptures, site-specific installations that interact with history and the forms of the spaces where they are created, and are usually accompanied by wall-mounted works, colla-ges, maquetes, etc. Works from materials such as paper, wood, plastic membranes, metal, geometrically positioned, reflecting the study of the surrounding area, and sometimes work as notes or drawings. He has presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Since 2004, a large number of his installations have been developed for choreogra-phers and directors. More:

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