Ioanna Efthimiou was born in Perth, Australia, from Greek parents. She has studied painting at the University of Fine Arts in Athens-Greece.
She continued her studies in London and New York.
She has exhibited her Art works in  twenty five solo exhibitions in Greece, London-U.K., New York – U.S.A., Germany , Austria, Monaco  etc. , and many group as well, while many of her Art works belong to private & public collections around the world.
The greatest part of the Artist’s work entitled ‘Ob longing II’ belongs to the Royal Family of Morocco.
Twelve portraits  belong to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II & His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh  Prince Philip of the United Kingdom.
Many dedications about the artist’s work have been edited in Greek and foreign press. She has presented her work many times in TV  .


2013 ‘’Breakfast at Tiffany’s’’, Salve Art Gallery, ‘’Seeteufel’’ , Leipzig, Germany.

2012 ‘Starlights II’, Santa Marina Resort, Myconos island, Greece.

2011 ‘Cupcakes’, Adam Gallery, Athens,Greece.

2011 ‘Starlights’, Santa Marina Resort, Myconos island, Greece.

2011 Art Expo New York, Solo Gallery, Pier 94, New Yok, U.S.A.

2010 ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s I ’,Myconos Blu Resort,Myconos ,Greece.

2010 Scala Gallery ,’2Queens in Myconos’, Myconos island, Greece.

2010  British  Embassy of Greece, Athens , by the opportunity of H.M. Birthday Celebration. ’’All the Portraits of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’.

2010   Royal Festival Hall, ’’All the Portraits of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’’, London, United Kingdom.

2010   Great Hall of  Hellenic Centre, ’’All the Portraits of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’’, London, United Kingdom.

2009   Santa Marina Resort, Myconos, Greece,’’Queen of Hearts’’

2008   Villa Mercedes,Athens,Greece, ‘’Madonna Queen ’’.

2007   Adam Gallery, Athens,Greece, ‘’Fame’’.

2007   Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany,’’Confessions’’.

2007   Adam Gallery, Athens,Greece, ‘’Sebastian’’.

2005   Municipality of  Mykonos , Greece- Cultural  centre.

2005   Adam Gallery, Athens,Greece “ Be my Queen ”

2004   Old Primary school in Fiscardo – Kefallonia-Greece , “ Curious ”

2003    Elounda Mare Resort, Crete – Greece.

2003   Adam Gallery, Athens, Greece “ Ob-longing I ”

2002   Santa Marina Resort, Mykonos ,Greece “ Ob-longing II ”

2001   Adam Gallery, Athens, Greece, “ Doll’s ”

1998   Politia Club, Athens, Greece

1998   Kunst Creative Bureau – Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

1996   Kreonidis Gallery, Athens, Greece

2013 Art Monaco ,Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

2013 ‘’Studio Art Show’’ by Art Cargo Gallery,GR TV studios,Kifissia,Greece.

2013 FIX HELLAS, By Art Cargo Gallery.

2012  Art Takes Times Square by Artists wanted, New York, U.S.A.

2012  London Festival & Events for Diamond Jubilee Celebration & Olympics,   London, U.K.

2010-2011 Art Meets Media by Art Cargo & Angela Dikeoulia Contemporary Fine Arts, Athens,Greece

2010   George Best Costacos Foundation,  Athinaida, Athens, Greece.

2010    Angela Dikeoulia Contepmorary Fine Arts, ‘’Tio Ilar III’’,Athens,Greece.

2010    Adam Gallery,’’Summer in the city’’,Athens, Greece

2009    Art Cargo, Angela Dikaioulia Contemporary Fine Arts,Athens,Greece.

2009   Astir of Paros ,Hotel & Resort, Paros,Greece.

2009   ‘’Tio Ilar II’’,Angela Dikaioulia Cont.Fine Arts,Athens,Greece

2008   Kessaris Art, Mykonos, Greece

2007   Art Bodensee, Dornbirn, Austria.

2007   Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany.

2005   Adam Gallery, Athens, “ Toys ”

2004   Foundation of Minority Culture, Athens.

2004   Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,Thessaloniki,Greece.

2003   Zina Athanasiadou, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2002    Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

2001    Apokalipsi Gallery, Nicosia Cyprus.

2000    Pieridis Foundation of Contemporary Art , Athens.

1997    Biennale of young Artists, Hiroshima, Japan.

1996    National Gallery of Greece, Athens.

1995    Cultural  Centre of Athens, Melina Mercouri.

1993     Kreonidis Gallery, Athens.



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