Christella Demetriou was born in Nicosia Cyprus in 1966, she studied Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne University, Fine Art and Design at Phillip Institute of Technology (now R.M.I.T. Melbourne University), Art and Design, Tertiary Orientation Program at Prahran College, The Victorian College of the Arts, Musicology at La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia.

Solo Exhibitions
 *2007 “The Red Series”, Titanium, Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens

*1999 “The Architect’s Desk & Chapters of Biography”, Installation/ Performance/Music, La Mama Theatre, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

*1998 “The Architect’s Desk”, Artspace, Wooloomooloo, Sydney, NSW, Australia

*1998 “In Between”, Paintings, Rebelos, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

*1996 “Three Constructions”, The Continental Gallery suite, Prahran, Victoria, Australia

*1995 “Silk Screen Prints”, The Twin Cinema, Stanmore, NSW, Australia


Group Exhibitions
 *2007-8 “Polis -City”

• Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation, Paris, France

• Cultural Center Ioannina, Greece

• Town Hall Theatre, Corfu, Greece

• City of Posidonia, Syros, Greece

*2000-2002 “We are Australian Touring Show”

• Adelaide Festival Center, WA, Australia

• Sydney Volvo Gallery, NSW, Australia

• The National Gallery of Canberra, Australia

• The Ιmmigration Museum of Melbourne

• The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

*1997 “Arriving at the other Parallel”, Melbourne Artists’ works on paper

Gallerie Titanium, Athens, Greece

*1994 “Six Melbourne Artists”, Volartile Galleries, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

*1992 “Mind the Gap”, The Next Wave Arts Festival, Roar 2 Galleries, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

*1989 “The Antipodes Festival Exhibition”, Roar 2 Galleries, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

*1989 “Summer Salon”, Roar 2 Galleries, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

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