I was born in Athens, where I live and work. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Media and Education of the University of Bolton. In 2011-2012 I completed MA Research in Museum Practice and Management at the School of English History and Politics of the University of Ulster. My bachelor diploma project is a video performance/installation on the sense of «Lightness» and my MA research is on «The Potential to Shape New Learning from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites».
My primary area of research focuses on cultural anthropology and the evolution in the concepts of human capabilities (knowledge, morals, art, law, habits), with secondary interests in art across disciplines projects. I work as freelance curator and with street photography, new media and technologies. My current project is the “bstArt”, a biostatistics research concerning the life and performance of artists who performed close to the turn of 20th century. The nearly immaterial culture of digital media is the closest to her ideas.



  • 2013 “Love and Feelings” group show at SKSM, Küçükçekmece, Istanbul
  • 2013 “Synergies” curating a merging project and joint performance of Ulay and Keti Haliori, at Castalian Spring of Delphi and at TechnohorosArt      Gallery in Athens.
  • 2013 presentation of the «Water perceived as Natural Heritage by contemporary art» during the 2013 World Water Day International Symposium
  • 2012 «Carte Blanche IX» exhibition, held at BOOZE Cooperativa in Athens.
  • 2012 project «Revealed», held at BOOZE Cooperativa in Athens.
  • 2011 solo show «Secret Communication» at the Piraeus Municipal Gallery.
  • 2011 curating the video performance «Ilissos» with Katerina Fanouraki, for the “World Water Museum” installation, at Ilissos river in Athens centre.
  • 2011 curating the live performance «Dipsa» (Thirst) with Katerina Fanouraki and Eugene  Ankomach, for the “World Water Museum” installation, at Technohoros Art Gallery, in Athens.
  • 2011 presentation of «Water perceived as Natural Heritage by contemporary art» during the 3rd International Symposium of Aqua Sciences, Water Resources and the Arts,
  • 2010 curating and presenting the biographical video performance «100 Pages of Visual Creation» based on the life and work of Platon Lambrou.
  • 2010 group art exhibition ArtAthina 2010 with the ArtAZ Gallery with the collage «War» for the «ArtAZbook».
  • 2009 group art exhibition «The Odyssey  Within» of the Agora Gallery in New York.
  • 2009 video installation «Record Earth» at Scalamata Space, Venice, invited by Dovrat ana Meron of the group exhibition «Parallel Worlds».
  • 2009 curation and participation of the Paleo Faliro artists at the Athens Biennale II, based on my site specific installation proposal «Heaven – We Walked Along Eden».
  • 2008 photographic group exhibition «Photographic Series – New Blood» at the International Gallery & MEME in Liverpool.
  • 2008 video installation «Lightness» at the Innovation Factory Gallery in Bolton, UK.





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