Born in Athens. Live and work in Shanghai.
Education University of the Arts London, CCW Chelsea College of Arts, M.Phil Fine Art Practice-based research, 2009-2014
University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts, Master of Arts Fine Art / Painting,
Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Fine Art/Painting, Sculpture, Multimedia, 2001 – 2006
Awards / Scholarships
Academy of Athens, Greece, 2007-2012
State Scholarship Foundations (IKY), 2007
D Biennale (Creta Maris), 2006
State Scholarship Foundations (IKY), 2002-2004

Selected exhibitions
2017 ‘The need to doodle’, 5th Base Gallery, London (group)
-‘Here & Now’, ASC Studios, London (group)
-‘Collectiva’, Galeria-Atelier Metamorfose, Porto, Portugal (group)
2016, ‘Helical Swirl’, Studio 180 Lambeth, London (group)
-‘Fuse’, Soup Collective, The Holt Sheffield, UK (group)
-‘Art Athina’, Soup Collective, Tae Kwon Do Stadium (Faliro Indoor Hall), Greece (group)
-‘Postcards’, Soup Collective, Road Studios, Liverpool, UK (group)
2015, ‘Acervo’, Galeria-Atelier Metamorfose, Porto, Portugal (group)
-‘Subasta De Arte Britanico Contemporaneo’, Morton: Casa De Subastas, Mexico (Group)
-‘Resized By the Soup Collective’, Arena Studios & Gallery, Liverpool, UK (group)
-‘Tate Staff Summer Show’, Crypt Gallery, London (Group)
-‘DADU: Conversations’, GalleryELL, East Nashville, USA (group)
2014, ‘Constructing Spaces’, Chocolate Studios, London (solo)
-‘conversations: Home’, GalleryELL, New York, USA (group)
-‘WCA Reunion’, Galeria-Atelier Metamorfose, Porto, Portugal (group)
-‘Dislocated’, The Gallery @ Idea Store Whitechapel, London (solo)
-‘Surprise IV’, Romantso, Athens, Greece (group)
2013, ‘Un-build’, Galeria-Atelier Metamorfose, Porto, Portugal (solo)
-‘Lines’, The Strand Gallery, London (group)
-‘Flesh’, The Crypt Gallery, London (group)
-‘Loopart13’, The Faircharm, London (group)
-‘Otherworldly’, Harts Lane Studios, London (group)
-‘Collision’, Nancy Victor, London (group)
2012, ‘Project 2012 End of the world’, Mile End Art Pavilion, London (group)
-ASC Studios, Erlang House, London (group)
-‘Surprise IV’, Gallery space ‘Nikos Gatsos’, Technopolis, Athens, Greece (group)
-‘Artistswhoarewaiters’, HOUSE Gallery, London (group)
-‘InsideOutside’, Ort Gallery, Birmingham, UK (group)
-‘Art on Fire’, Camberwell Space, Camberwell College of Arts, London (group)
2011, ‘Surprise III’, Gallery space ‘Nikos Gatsos’, Technopolis, Athens, Greece (group)
-‘Contemporary Life Documentation The Collection’, Openshowstudio, Athens, Greece (group)
-‘Identity’, Gnafala Culture Festival, Soufli Folk Art Museum, Greece (group)
-‘Parallax AF’, La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London (group)
-‘mailto:’, Drift Station Gallery, Nebraska, USA (group)
-‘Insert title here’, OPEN Gallery, London (group)
-‘Art Athina 2011’, International Fair of Athens, Falliron Pavillion, Greece (group)
-‘FITAX1500-Trade Art for Art’, Grim Museum, Berlin (group)
2010, ‘1916’, CCW PhD Research Exhibition, The Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL (group)
2009, ‘MA Show’, Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL (group)
-‘Bridge’, Gnafala Culture Festival, Soufli Folk Art Museum, Greece (group)
-Deutsche Bank, London (group)
-‘Intersections’, The Nunnery Gallery, London (group)
2008, ‘Homestead’, Pro-Art Gallery, Athens, Greece (duo)
-‘9 new artists’, Artigraf Gallery, Athens, Greece (group)
-‘28 Graduates of Athens School of Fine Arts’, Cretan Museum of Contemporary Art, Rethymnon, Greece (group)
-‘Graduating Class 2005/06’, Nikos Kessanlis Gallery, ASFA, Greece (group)
-‘IMAGE SPACE ACTION 2’, Technopolis, Athens, Greece (group)
2006-2008, ‘AthensVideoArtFestival’, Technopolis, Athens, Greece (group)
-‘International Panoramas for Independent Filmmakers’, International Film Festival of Patras city, Greece (group)
2005-2008, ‘Cheap Art’, Gallery, Athens, Greece (group)
2007, ‘Rooftop Project 2007: Young artists at high levels’, Apartment Project Gallery, London (group)
-‘D’ Biennale’, (Creta Maris), Toronto, Canada (group)
-‘Inside outside looks’, Artower Agora Gallery, Athens, Greece (group)
-‘Contemporary Artists of Abstraction’, Astrolavos dexameni Gallery, Athens, Greece (group)
2006, ‘Espongono’ Italia-Grecia, Molfetta, Italy (group)
-‘D Biennale’ (Creta Maris), Crete, Greece (group)
2005, ‘Word and Image Relationship in Respect of French Poetry’, Insistut Français de Grèce (IFG), Athens, Greece (group)
-‘Video Art Festival’, ASFA, Greece (group)
2004, ‘The body in the ancient drama’, Aeschylean Festival 2004, Eleusis, Greece (group)
2003, Karditsa Municipal Art Gallery, Greece (group)
2002, ‘Β Biennale’ (Creta Maris), Crete, Greece (group)

Short Courses
2016, Jewellery Making, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins
2011, Curation & Conversation, University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Arts

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