Chronis Botsoglou was born in 1941 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens (1960-1965) under Yannis Moralis. With the support of the Greek State Scholarship Foundation – IKY he continued his studies at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris (1970-1972). He presented his first personal exhibition in Athens (1964). He has exhibited his work also in Thessaloniki and participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He was a member of the ‘Art Group A’ (1960-1967), the ‘Young Greek Realists’ group (1971-1973) and the ‘Group for Communication and Education in Art’ (1976-1981), as well as the ‘Etching Center’ since 1988. He has illustrated a series of poetry collections and has written many essays on fine arts. At the outset he taught design at a private school (1974-1976), and since 1989 he taught painting at ASFA, where he had been also elected rector. His art belongs to the category of new objectivity with prevalent expressionist traits.
Chronis Botsoglou lives and works in Athens

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