Born Athens 1962.
Studied painting, at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1980-1986) with Moralis and Mytaras as her teachers, and mosaic, with Kolefas.
On the teaching staff of ASFA, in the Department of Mosaic, since 1987. Appointed Lecturer in Mosaic in 1999.
Appointed Assistant Professor of ASFA, in the Department of Mosaic, in 2005.

1986: Angathi Gallery, Athens

1988: Angathi Gallery, Athens

1992: Ora Arts Centre, Athens

1994: «Her cold silver». Art Space 24, Athens

1996: «Dream cities». Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

1996: «Dream cities and windows». Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki

2000: «Area surveys». Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

2002: Mosaics and pictures. Art Space 24, Athens

2005: «Passing by». Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens

2009: «Passers-by». Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens


1986: Group exhibition by graduates of ASFA Painting Workshop 1. Athens Conservatory.

Group exhibition by ASFA graduates. Andros, Goulandris Museum of Modern Art.

1988: Collaborators’ retrospective. Angathi Gallery, Athens

1992: «Honoris causa». Ora Arts Centre, Athens

1995: «The Box». Art Space 24, Athens

1996: «More or less square». Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens.

«Lithography as an expressive plastic medium». Peritechnon Gallery, Athens.

1997: «Urban landscape». Eirmos Gallery, Thessaloniki.

Group exhibition organized by the art critic Athina Skhina.

«Focusses of the look». Contemporary Arts Centre,Larisa. Curated by Athina Skhina

«Post-It Art». Intercontinental Hotel, Athens.

Ink sketch constructed on canvas made up of Post-It stickers.

«Post-It Art». Vilka Art Forum, Thessaloniki.

«The Future». Palamas Building (University of Athens), Athens Cultural Centre.

«Focusses of the look». Greek Foreign Ministry & Belgian Ministry of Culture.

2000: «Jams». Painting, sculpture, multimedia. Lithography Works,Piraeus St, Athens.

«Athens Art 2000». Jointly with Zalokosta 7 Gallery. Helexpo Building, Athens.

2001: «Windows to the World». Technopolis (the Old Gasworks), Athens.

«First Triennale of Greek Engraving». Pieridis Art Gallery, Athens.

2002: «Playing with Time». Art Space 24, Athens.

«30 x 40 cm». Athens Art Room, Athens.

2003: «Achievements of the Zosimas family, 2003». Ic-Kale Castle, Yannina.

«Coup de c?ur». Athens Art Room. Curated by Evgenia Alexaki.

«Playing with Time». Art Space 24, Athens.

2004: «World of the Olive». Theophilos Museum, Mytilene.

Curated by Athina Skhina and Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou.

«World of the Olive». St Mark’s Basilica, Heraklion, Crete.

Organized by the Municipality of Heraklion & the Vikelas Municipal Library, Crete

«In Praise of the Olive». Great Hall of the Greek Academy, Athens. Curated by

Iris Kritikou, Louiza Karapidaki, and Flavia Nessi Giazitzoglou.

«Aigina Jugs». Fibre canvas. History & Folklore Museum, Aigina.

Curated by Iris Kritikou.

2005: (February) «Masks and guises». Peritechnon Gallery, Athens.

«At table». Skoufa Gallery, Athens. Curated by Iris Kritikou.

«Sight and touch». Atrion, Thessaloniki. Curated by H.Kambouridis.

2006: «In the colours of the rainbow». Arts Centre, Freedom Park, Athens.

Curated by Iris Kritikou.
«In Praise of the Olive». Greek Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens.

Curated by L.Karapidaki and Ekaterina Polymerou-Kamilaki.

(August) «A festival of mosaics». Orange Door Gallery, Paros (jointly with the

Municipality of Paros); Fish & Olive Gallery, Halki, Naxos.

(1 Sept.-13 Oct.) «In Praise of the Olive». United Nations Building, New York.

(Sept.) «Achievements of the Zosimas family, 2006» and «Benefaction».

Zosimaia Teaching Institute, Yannina.

Cow Parade. Athens.

(Nov.) «Once upon a time there was a woman called Penelope Delta…».

Greek-American Educational Institute, Athens College.

(Nov.2006-Jan.2007) «The ALPHA BANK Collection: Greek art, 1920 to today».

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki.

(Nov.) «Greek art at its finest». Artphilo Gallery, at the Hellenic Centre, London.

(Dec.2006-Jan.2007) Group exhibition. Gallery 7, Athens.

2007: «Unfair «07». Athens Art Centre. Athens Imperial (16-25 March); Makedonia

Palace, Thessaloniki (25-29 April).

(April) Group exhibition (Daphne Angelidou, Marilitsa Vlakhaki, Kostas

Papanikolaou). Ianos Bookshop, Athens.

(April-June) «Aspects of form – Hallmarks of landscape: Greek artists from the

Hadjiioannis Collection’. Municipal Art Gallery, Chania, Crete.

«Greek art today: twelve contemporary artists». Belgravia Gallery, London.

Curated by G.Stathopoulos.

(Aug.2007-May 2008) «In Praise of the Olive». SPAP Conference Centre,

Ancient Olympia.

(Sept.) «The fine arts on the side of hope: II». Byzantine & Christian Museum,

Athens. Curated by T.Mavrotas.

(Nov.) «Birthplace». Benaki Museum, Athens. Curated by Iris Kritikou.

(30 Nov.-16 Dec.) «Palamas». Children’s Hospital. Great Hall, Athens University.

(Dec.2007-Jan.2008) «…to the children with love». Peritechnon Gallery, Athens.

(Dec.2007-Jan.2008) «Art objects». Zalokosta 7 Gallery, Athens.

2008: (Jan.-Feb.) «Art on the front page: Athens’ voice». New Benaki, Athens.

(March-April) Centre for Contemporary Greek Art, Thessaloniki.

(April) «Sketching Solomos». Moschandreou Museum, Missolonghi. Curated by

Iris Kritikou.

(April) «Experiencing Greece: travels through an enchanted landscape». House of

Greece, Greek Consulate, Beijing, China. Curated by Iris Kritikou.

(April-May) Greek Consulate (Ex SS. Cosmas and Damian Convent), Venice.

(May) «Greek art today: eight contemporary artists». Belgravia Gallery, London.

Curated by G.Stathopoulos.

(June) Group exhibition. Art Space 24, Athens.

(July) «Artists on Lesvos». Loutro (Old Market), Mytilene. Organized by the

Municipality of Mytilene and the Peritechnon Gallery, Athens.

«Material links». Curated by Liana Skourli, Iris Kritikou, Diana Freundi.

(August) MoCA, Shanghai, China.

(Oct.) «Greek artists for human rights». Skoufa Gallery.

(Dec.2008-Jan.2009) Technopolis (The Old Gasworks), Athens.

2009: (June) «Encounter». Art Space 24, Athens.

«Histories of landscape – from tradition to sustainability».

Curated by Louiza Karapidaki. St Mark’s Basilica, Heraklion, Crete (June-July);

Aerides Baths, Plaka, Athens (Sept.)

(Oct.) «Greek art today, 2009: eight contemporary artists».

Belgravia Gallery, Mayfair, London. Curated by G.Stathopoulos.

(Nov.) «Greek artists for human rights». Municipal Cultural Centre, Athens.

There are works by Daphne Angelidou in public and private collections, museums and art galleries in Greece, England, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Cyprus.

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